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Become a Spirit Wind Horse Rescue Guardian

If you have a passion for horses, whether you own horses or not, our rescued horses NEED YOUR HELP.

We are facing unprecedented drought conditions on the western slope of Colorado, making hay more expensive than we’ve ever seen.

Caring for a horse requires hay (and/or senior feed for the toothless, older ones) and supplements every day, hoof trimming every 6 to 8 weeks, annual vaccinations, deworming and occasional veterinarian visits. The average monthly cost for this care ranges from $150 to $200 per month.

We can help you get to know your sponsored horse and let other horse enthusiasts know you’re exercising your love for horses.

With your monthly sponsorship:

* You’re invited to visit your sponsored horse(s) at the rescue in Crawford, CO.

* You’ll be featured on our website, Facebook, and Instagram sites (if you’re okay with the publicity).

* You’ll receive a photo of your sponsored horse(s).

* You can have a monthly virtual “face-to-face” with your sponsored horse(s) using Facetime or another compatible smart phone software.

Monthly Sponsorship Levels:

$25 - Provide your horse hay for one week

$50 - Provide farrier care

$75 - Provide hay and supplements for 2 weeks

$100 - Provide your horse hay for one month

$100+ - Provide hay and supplements for one month

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