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We have a number of Mustangs at Spirit Wind Horse Rescue. Scroll down to read about our Mustangs.


Our Cremello Mustang Family

In December of 2012, 145 wild horses that were occupying state land were rounded up in Fernley, Nevada by the Nevada Agriculture Department.  While in holding pens, the horses were branded with an “N.” The horses were sent to the Nevada Livestock Auction on Jan. 9, 2013, where they would have been purchased for slaughter in Mexico. However, the Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund learned about the fate of the horses and was able to raise enough funds to buy all of them. 

Three of these horses, a family with Cremello coloring, were brought to Spirit Wind Horse Rescue in May of 2014. The family has been traced back to about 6 generations of Virginia Range horses. Chairman, the gelded stallion, mare Selene and their foal, Butter are now part of the sanctuary herd at the rescue. The beautiful painting of all three by local artist Peggy Judy serves as our logo.

Chairman moving.jpg


Chairman (now a gelding) is 18 years old and although still wary of humans he keeps a watchful eye on his family and other horses in his herd.  He is Butter's father.

He is absolutely gorgeous and moves with grace and confidence.

Selene and view revised.jpg


Her name means "moon goddess" in Greek and she IS a goddess! We estimate that gorgeous Selene is about 14 years old. She is Butter's mother.

She has gotten more acclimated to humans since arriving at our property, but prefers to be out with her herd.

Butter head shot.jpg


Butter, the baby, is as friendly as a golden retriever and loves pets and scratches. He’s now approximately 11 years old. He looks just like his father, Chairman and was approximately 2 years old when he arrived at our property in 2014.

He’s happy being spoiled by the volunteers at the rescue, but also thrives on being with his friends on the open range at the rescue.



Zee was part of a roundup on the Virginia Range in Nevada conducted by the Nevada Agriculture Department in 2011. She was rescued by Spirit Wind Horse Rescue and transported to us after she was saved from being sold for slaughter at a Nevada Livestock Auction. Zee is approximately 14 years old. She can be haltered for hoof care but prefers her herd to hanging with humans.

Zee arrived to us with her foul, Spencer by her side as a young colt and pregnant with filly, Chala. Chala was trained by Michele Skerl of Freedom Equine and adopted to a local family in Crawford.



Jessie was also rounded up by the Nevada Agriculture Department in 2011 off the Virginia Range in Nevada. She was rescued by Spirit Wind Horse Rescue (along with Zee described above) and transported to us after being saved from being sold for slaughter at a Nevada Livestock Auction. She arrived at Spirit Wind Horse Rescue with JJ by her side and pregnant with Jasc. All are part of the Spirit Wind herd. JJ and Jasc are handsome, smart geldings that have had groundwork training (see our adoptable horses page).

We think Jessie is approximately 14 years old. She’s beautiful, approximately 14.2 hands tall and is not too keen about humans. However, she can be haltered for grooming and farrier care and loves an occasional cookie. She is part of our sanctuary herd simply because she really prefers horses over people.

Jessie is being sponsored by Jessie L! Thank you very much Jessie.

Spencer full body.jpg


Spencer was skinny, weak and undernourished when he arrived at the rescue after enduring being rounded up and transported to auction with his mother, Jessie (see description above). He had a hernia which required surgery, but it had to be postponed until he was strong enough to survive surgery. He then had to heal from the hernia surgery before he could be gelded. All of this took approximately nine months before he was a healthy, strong horse. 

He’s now about 10 years old.  Spencer is a big handsome horse that will make a terrific trail horse with proper training. He has had some groundwork training, but will need an experienced rider to train him to ride.

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