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We have a number of Mustangs at Spirit Wind Horse Rescue. Scroll down to read about our first Mustang.



Our first Mustang

In 2012 on July 4th, the first mustang joined our Spirit Wind herd. Her name is Sagewind and she was the beginning of our mustang story. Beth saw her on a random Facebook page asking to bail her out, as she was headed to slaughter. There was a photo of her in the holding pen in Nevada with a young kid on her. Thankfully a donation was secured to pay for her transport and adoption so she could live out the remainder of her life here in Colorado with some of our elderly herd. Sagewind is a quirky funny Mustang. She was old when she got here and is still going strong. Her eyesight is not that great but she sees a halter and runs away like a spirited young filly. She is not a fan of halters but she loves to be petted.

She has to be one of the oldest mustangs out there. Her teeth are almost nonexistent and she gets two massive buckets of senior feed and supplements twice a day as recommended by our vet. She gets a blanket during the winter and spends her days with her best friend Emerald the Mule. Sagewind would have left this earth a long time ago if not for her care at Spirit Wind Horse Rescue which is fueled by donations. What a blessing that we were able to save her and get to know her. We always wonder how she ended up in a kill pen, but she is living her best life now.