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We take adoptions very seriously with the goal of a finding successful forever homes for our horses. Our main goal is to match the right horse to the right person. We often have beautiful, healthy horses, and are in the process of putting as many as possible through training so they function well at their new homes.

Our fees vary depending on the age and level of training of each individual horse. We prefer that you own your own property or have a boarding situation that we can check on. We are also looking for stability and an income that would enable you to not just keep the horse healthy and well fed, but also pay for any emergency vet bill. We will check your references, including calling your vet and farrier.

Our adoption agreement is a legal contract, so it is important that you agree to the stipulations. The goal is to make both you and the adopted rescue happy and to ensure the horse goes to the best possible home.

We require a completed application before we make any appointments for you to ride or interact with a horse. The application is not in any way a commitment from either side; just an assurance that should you decide to adopt a rescue from us that it will be a good match.

We would be glad to send an application to anyone or answer specific questions about the process or our horses. Our co-founder, Beth Keenan oversees all adoptions. If you would like more information please email her by clicking here, or call 970-921-5646 for more information.

Click here for a PDF our Adoption Application.

Click here for a PDF of our Adoption Contract.



JJ came to us in 2013 at only a few months old when he arrived with his pregnant mother, Jessie. They came from a roundup in Nevada and were in a kill pen with another pregnant mare and her foal (Zee and Spencer), who were also rescued by us. See our mustangs to read about Jessie, Zee and Spencer. JJ's brother Jasc (see below) was born at the rescue. 

JJ and his brother Jasc can be haltered and lead easily. Darren Williams, a local trainer is currently conducting groundwork and riding training with JJ. We'll update this space on his progress and when JJ will be available for adoption. At 11 years old and very athletic, JJ is going to be a great trail riding companion for anyone who enjoys an energetic and fun ride.



Jasc is a Virginia Range foal born here on June 10, 2013.  His mother, Jessie (see our mustangs) arrived with Jasc's brother JJ along her side as a young foal.

Jasc is the friendlier of the two boys!  He's easily haltered, picks up his feet and leads very well. He's now being ridden by our local trainer, Darren Williams. We'll update this space with information on training progress and when Jasc will be available for adoption. 

He's definitely a people guy and loves attention; the first over for pets. Jasc is a bay in the winter and a roan in the summer and is gorgeous.  Great personality and loads of energy.

Jasc is being sponsored by Marsha S. Thank you very much Marsha.

Lexi collage.jpg


A Wonderful Companion Horse Candidate

Lexi was born on September 26, 2012. She is an unregistered quarter horse and is approximately 14.5 hands tall. She was being taken to the livestock auction by a local breeder. Spirit Wind Horse Rescue did not want to see her auctioned to a slaughter buyer and instead brought her to the rescue in July of 2013.

Lexi is a sweet mare and not the least bit mean…she can be silly and sometimes overreact when startled. She is a mild-mannered member of her “herd” and is very approachable and loves attention. She has been saddled but has not had any significant training. She stands well for the farrier.

We are recommending her as a companion horse that could be ridden only very lightly because there seems to be an issue with her right hind leg. If she pushes herself too hard, she sometimes limps on that leg. It has been x-rayed but only showed a shadow which could have been something or nothing but unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell. 

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