Sanctuary Horses

Occasionally a sanctuary horses gets adopted if we find the perfect home, but most are permanent residents in our Sanctuary program. All have been greatly loved in their retirement.



This is beautiful Emerald, our only rescue mule. She is 13 years old and was rescued from a kill pen in 2020. She has severe ligament issues and is under care by our Vet and is in sanctuary with us. 

Rylee L. is sponsoring Emerald. Thank you very much Rylee. 

Emerald rescued Cindy A Lee santuary.png

Little Big Man

Little Big Man (great name for a mini pony), had been abandoned and unwanted by his owner in a neighbor's pasture.

He was left to fend for himself until his feet grew so long they curled over and he could barely walk.  The old man who owned him died and finding his son to get legal ownership was quite a task, but we managed to get this now 20-year old mini to our rescue. 

His feet were trimmed (see top before picture). However, he decided he didn't want anything to do with people. He is now a permanent member of the "Motley Crue" (two "special needs" horses and a burro).  Every six to eight weeks we go through the process of catching him for a hoof trim and in between he just happily hangs with his friends.

LBM combined 3.png


Zarah came from a local hoarder who was ready to send a group of 30-40 horses to a kill sale. While we were on the road to pick Zarah up, she tried to climb a pen, caught all her feet and fell backwards. Among other injuries, she broke her pelvis and as a result, can never be ridden.

We thought we were going to have to put her down, but she is a fighter and recovered. This was in 2010 when she was only about 6 months old, and this is the only home she has ever known. Of course, she is one of our Sanctuary horses.