Sanctuary Horses

Occasionally a sanctuary horses gets adopted if we find the perfect home, but most are permanent residents in our Sanctuary program. All have been greatly loved in their retirement.



This is beautiful Emerald, rescued from a kill pen by Cindy A. Lee of Wags and Menace Foundation and in sanctuary with us. 

Emerald rescued Cindy A Lee santuary.png

Little Big Man

Little Big Man (great name for a mini pony), had been abandoned and unwanted by his owner in a neighbor's pasture. He was left to fend for himself until his feet grew so long they curled over, he could barely walk.  The old man who owned him died and finding his son to get legal ownership was quite a task.  Once his feet were finally trimmed he decided he didn't want anything to do with people, so he is now a permanent member of the "Motley Crue" (two horses and two burros).  Every few months we go through the process of catching him for a trim and in between he just hangs with his friends.