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Recently Adopted

One of our main goals is to find our rescued horses their forever adoptive homes where they become beloved trail or companion horses and family members.

Spoon upon arrival on June 6 2021 (2)_ed
Spoon upon arrival on June 6 2021 (2)_ed

adopted in June of 2023

Spoon is now a beloved companion horse adopted by a wonderful couple in Montrose, CO.

Spoon was relinquished to us in mid-2021. His owner had died, and family members couldn't take care of Spoon. We took him in to be sure he wouldn't end up at an auction where because of his physical condition (described below), he in all likelihood would been bought by a kill-buyer and shipped to slaughter in Mexico.


Spoon is about 15-years old and is a wonderful gentle soul. He had a minor breathing issue and an old, untreated injury to his left front coronet with a permanent, overlapping crack in that hoof. Both physical issues made it so that Spoon could only be used for very light riding. 


We're so pleased this gorgeous guy found his perfect forever home!

summer M and A_edited.jpg

Angel and Murray



We rescued Murray from the sale yard (at a cost of $25!) in 2013.  He was still quite young, and we hadn't realized that he was listed as a Jack at the auction, so were surprised when it became apparent that he would need to be gelded!  He's approximately 10 years old.  


His pal, Angel was owned by a local woman who was fostering two of our rescue horses. Her husband bought her Angel because, "who doesn't want a donkey"!? Angel needed a donkey buddy and Murray was adopted from us to be Angel's life-long companion. Both donkeys are back with us because our foster family had to move to town and could no longer foster or own any equines.


Angel is 14-15 years old. She is the more out-going of the pair. Murray will tag along, but is less sure of humans until that extended hand holds a cookie! 

We're so happy these best friends have been adopted together and found their forever home​!!

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